Amritavarsham 50

AMMA’S 50TH BIRTHDAY | Mother of Millions

Mata Amritanandamayi, known as Amma, has offered herself to the world. Humanitarian, Mother, Friend, Guru,… people see her differently. In reality, Amma is beyond all such roles, knowing her true nature to be the true nature of us all —the blissful divine consciousness that pervades this universe.
This is a cut down version from a 55 min. documentary of the 4-day peace prayer commemorating Amma’s 50th birthday, Amritavarsham 50. The event took place from Sept. 24-27, 2003 in Kochi. It gives an impression of the dimension and diversity of the event with guests and dignitaries from all over the world.

ANGEL | ASSISTANT Lilith Schwertle

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